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Gallup looking for water, sanitation director

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Former director Vince Tovar resigns; Matzke now at the helm

Residents around the city won’t notice changes in turning on tap water or with flushing their toilets, but there is a top-level employee change connected to Gallup’s waste water treatment plant.

City Human Resources Director Klo Abeita confirmed April 19 that...

‘In the Belly of the Beast,’ Gallup-style

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In 1981, Jack Henry Abbott wrote the acclaimed “In the Belly of the Beast,” a book of letters to famed novelist and journalist Norman Mailer about his experiences as what Abbott saw as a brutal and unjust prison system.

The book was an account of the 37-year-old Abbott’s life behind bars for more than two decades.

Gallup isn’t too far removed from the theme of Abbott’s book, especially when one considers the size of the Octavia Fellin Library.

The library is the Indian Capital’s take on ‘In the Belly of the Beast.’

This isn’t a tongue-lashing directed at the Gallup City Council and it certainly isn’t a ploy to make people go out and buy a book most probably have...

Madame G. Guide to the stars WEEK OF April 22-28, 2016

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Happy Earth Day, earthlings! Taurus rules the Sun this month. This is a decidedly solid character. You may feel more grounded in the daily details, but don’t get bogged down. Accept transition. Today’s full moon enters Scorpio, a fixed water sign. This carries with it transformational qualities. Use this powerful combination to your advantage. Complete projects that have felt out of reach and set the new standard: “Shoot for the moon and you may hit a star.”


Aries (March 21-April 19)

Dear Aries, as a Cardinal sign your attributes are impressive. You’ve the ambition for world domination and the morality of a saint. You lead troops through hell and back. But, great...

An analysis of District 3 contenders

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April 10, 2016

Regarding the upcoming District 3 County Commission election I have had a lot of interesting Q&A sessions with several people.

The question most people have on their mind is who does it really come down?   Most people think it is between David Dallago and Bill Lee.

With these two it comes down to people already know them City wide and already know whether or not the like them or not.

Like or not you have to give David Dallago the edge in experience over all the candidates – he ran the County for eight years – he knows the County government, he is a Civil Engineer and he is a smart guy.

With Lee – well – he is “Mr. Personality” and he has been County...

Madame G. Guide to the stars WEEK OF April 8-14, 2016WEEK OF April 15-21, 2016

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It’s tax day! What’s your stress level? If your taxes were turned in by February, congratulations, for the rest or us: “Keep calm and carry on.” April can be a nerve-wracking time of year. It’s also beautiful, the trees are blooming and birds are chirping. This is an exciting time. Spring is here. Madame G suggests renewing yourself and refreshing your mind. Consider studying something new and investing in yourself.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You have  a strong constitution. You don’t let a little physical ailment get you down. Even if you eat a poorly cooked salmon in Afghanistan, you’ll bounce back, with only a few near misses to the John. In other words, you’re...

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