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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Avoiding COVID-19 and humans

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Dear Editor:

What did I do with the unexpected time off due to the pandemic? Well, I stayed at home to prevent germ-sharing and germ-spreading. And read about COVID-19, and watched the news about COVID-19, and talked about COVID-19.

What else did I do? Sipped coffee and gazed at the birds and squirrels outside my window...

Letter to the editor: You can speak out for birds

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But you must do it by March 19

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918  has protected birds for 100 years. Protection stopped in 2017 when, two days before Christmas, the current administration “reinterpreted” the MBTA to protect birds only from intentional harm - that is, if the actual purpose of the activity is to kill a bird. If you stole a hawk egg, you could be prosecuted, but BP would have had no responsibility for the one million birds killed in the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The U.S. Dept. of the Interior now asserts the MBTA was never intended to protect birds from unintentional death, called “incidental take.” However, ordinary industrial activities kill 1-5...

Letter to the Editor: Protecting safe, legal reproductive healthcare

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As a family medicine provider in New Mexico, I see patients throughout the spectrum of their lives. From babies taking their first steps, to elders who rely on loved ones to get around, I am reminded of the diverse medical needs of my patients. I know that each patient exists within a unique set of circumstances that influence their health options and decisions and that over a single lifespan, these circumstances change. I am reminded also, that just because someone elects one option in the past does not preclude them from deciding differently in the future.

This is especially true of reproductive healthcare. As a family medicine provider, I routinely consult [with] patients on...

Letter to the Editor: Some political speech is meaningless

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Dear Gallup Area Voters,

Oorah, luckily no one from the ‘good old boy’ system is running in the municipal elections this cycle and there are good candidates this time. That certainly leaves room for optimism doesn’t it? Though, as you would guess since I’m writing this letter, I do have an issue to present to you readers who acknowledge your duty to vote, and since all the current candidates, including the ones I personally support, are guilty of this, raising this issue publicly now, does not suggest my preferences.

First, how long has Gallup been treading water or on the decline? How long have the serious problems in Gallup (infrastructure, streets & sidewalks, stagnant...

Letter to the Editor: 2020 Mayoral election

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In both 2011 and 2015 Mayoral elections, I wrote letters to all the candidates for the position of Mayor. Only candidate Yogash Kumar visited with me in 2011. In 2015, after it was determined that a run-off election was needed, I was able to have a conversation with both McKinney and Galanis before the run-off election.

I also wrote several letters to the local papers which all were published. The last letter I wrote talked about my conversations with McKinney and Galanis. In that letter I talked mainly about “Vision for Gallup” for the next 5-7-10 years.

So, here are the main 5 priorities I felt needed to be addressed. There has been some progress, yet I find that all five still...
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