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A star in the making

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Former Gallupian dreams of national tv syndication

Meet Colt Balok. Or maybe you already have. Colt Balok, who until the age of seven, was known as Matthew Tyler Crosby, was adopted at the age of two, by a couple who likes animals. His new dad was a veterinarian. His new mom runs the humane society. The couple had six...

From $0.34 to $16K

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Battered Families Services thriving once again

These words from the opening of Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, aptly express the situation at Battered Family Services of Gallup, which, despite rumors of shutting down, facing opposition from past employees, and antagonizing criticism from other media outlets, is holding its own.

BFS is open.  It responds to a pressing need.

. Three law enforcement agencies – the Gallup Police Department, the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office and the New Mexico State Police in Gallup - documented 717 domestic violence incidents in 2018. (This doesn’t include any numbers from the Navajo Nation or Zuni Police.) The 717 reported incidents...

Sandia shakes, rattles, rolls for Gallup students

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Students step into a new world

About 45 Gallup high school juniors and seniors took in a little shake, rattle and roll at Sandia Labs’ Environmental Test & Evaluation Complex in Albuquerque during a special STEM Day held just for them on March 4.

After a morning of high-impact experiences showcasing arms control and terrorism monitoring equipment at Sandia’s Training and Technology Demonstration Area, an animated cluster of students filed into the testing complex to witness how materials perform in a vibration lab, a shock lab, a climate lab and more.

“STEM Day at the Labs introduces high school students to the work at Sandia as they consider career paths,” Manager of...

Community Pantry makes changes to accommodate needs in COVID-19 times

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To address the COVID-19 disaster, The Community Pantry in Gallup and Grants will be adjusting their distribution practices for the next three weeks, beginning March 16.

We’ll be performing mobile distribution outside. Clients will have to stay in their vehicles. In Gallup the food distribution hours will be 9 am to 12 pm only, Tuesday through Friday. In Grants, the food distribution hours will be 9:30 am to 2:30 pm only, Tuesday through Thursday. We will not be taking community service workers from out of state and no senior volunteers at this time, due to that age group being the vulnerable population.

We are also not accepting donated plastic bags and no client updates at this...

All public masses in the Diocese of Gallup to be canceled

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At this time, the geographic region of the Diocese of Gallup has one reported case of COVID-19.  However, surrounding regions have experienced new cases over the past several days. In response to the increasing prevalence of the disease, the civil governments of both states (N.M., Ariz.), have placed restrictions on the size of meetings and schools have been canceled. The Federal Government of the United States urges no meetings of more than 10 persons. The surrounding dioceses have all dramatically curtailed most activity of the Church in their area of authority.

Current Directives

After consultation and prayer, Bishop James Wall hereby issues the following diocesan directives...

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