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The perils of parents and punks

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One doesn’t have to read far into my article on the Gallup Amateur Baseball/Softball Association to discover my feelings about parents that don’t participate but want everything their way, and punks who see nothing wrong with taking advantage of others, even kids, to prove their own self-worth, or in this case...

The reason I like high school athletes

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It sometimes amazes me how often we can get so wrapped up in our lives and so easily forget others in the community who stand out, even if they will be moving on in the next six months.

Two of these people, attached to this story, was entirely my fault in forgetting. Well, one at least!

I’ve known Natalie DePauli since her two older sisters created havoc on opponents on the soccer pitch. Nat was just a little girl then, but has since grown up to be the Homecoming Queen at Miyamura High and a very good soccer player herself. Good enough to receive a scholarship offer from Garden City College in Kansas. I always suspected that Nat would be the one daughter of her parents to...

Recreational baseball and softball gears up for summer

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Well, it’s that time of the year again to start up the recreational baseball and softball teams for the summer. And at the same time it is also the time of year that way too many immature adults – known as parents – suddenly decide that nobody can organize their children like they can. This is a rite of Spring that has become traditional, not just here but across the nation.

Every parent – whether or not they ever played baseball or softball at any level – knows more about the games than anyone else. Mostly what they know is how to destroy all the fun and enjoyment kids get from this team activity, and turn it into a tearful, angst-ridden, and often angry experience many of...

Playing by the Rules

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For years I umpired softball and baseball games. Rules were an important part of the game, as they are still supposed to be today.

One of those rules in slow pitch softball was that the base runner must remain on the base until the pitched ball is either hit or goes past the batter. Players then, as today, always looked for ways around the rules and this one was no exception, though it was written very clearly.

A couple of players, or maybe it was only one, thought the way to get around this rule was to stretch your legs, one in front of the base and one on it. To further confuse the issue, they would then begin to move the foot on the base up and down while berating the pitcher.


School is out for Spring Break, but games continue

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The old saying, ‘no rest for the weary’ might well apply to high school kids everywhere, who are given a certain amount of time off from their studies, twice each year, only to find the more athletic ones remain tied to schedules for their sports and activities, regardless.

Such is the hard life for the overactive!

It’s not all bad, though. The Rehoboth boys’ baseball team earned their first victory on March 16 ever in a fledgling program and most other athletes spent their time off from school in a productive manner as well, at least physically. Yes I know that the Lynx win was during a week when school was in session, but it still counts in my book and in my backwards...
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