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Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF JULY 15 – 21

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On July 22, the Sun enters Leo, the lion. Our sun rules this sign with all the subtlety of, well, the sun. Individuals born under its influence are larger than life. Those not born under the influence of the sun may experience bouts of exhibitionism in their own ways. Consider these words by the notorious Leo, George Bernard...

Budget cuts put our KIDS COUNT gains in child health at risk

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One of the few bright spots for New Mexico in this year’s recently released national KIDS COUNT Data Book — which ranked New Mexico at 49th in the nation for overall child well-being — was in child health outcomes.

Improvements took us from ranking 48th in the nation in the four health indicators to 44th. That higher ranking is due in large part to New Mexico’s expansion of Medicaid for low-income adults because it led to the enrollment of tens of thousands of children who were eligible for this health coverage but had not been enrolled.

If nothing else, this is a success story showing that public policies can make a difference. And it’s not just made a difference for kids...

Madame G guide to the stars WEEK OF JULY 8 - 14

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Look up this week! According to Earth Sky, you’ll be able to see the five bright planets this month: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. Jupiter will be visible shortly after dusk. Fortunately for us, Jupiter is the planet of luck. We’ll share in its good fortune this week. Madame G suggests sharpening your intellectual tools — you’ll need them soon — luckily, Jupiter is there to help. Good luck!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Break time! You throw yourself into whatever your doing, from hardcore training to resting by the beach. Madame G applauds your abilities. But, have a little empathy for us mere mortals, not everyone moves at your pace. And they may not be on...

Congrats to area athletes moving along

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Lately, around Gallup and greater McKinley County, student athletes who are now high-school graduates are signing letters-of-intent to attend colleges and universities to further their scholastic and athletic careers. Some will garner four-year scholarships and others will play as walk-ons.

We congratulate them all, as we know it isn’t easy to manage academics and athletics, no matter the school.

We’ve seen Lakota Curley of Rough Rock High School, “Nabo” Nez of Navajo Pine, Kitana Kenneth of Crownpoint High School, Jasmine Coleman of Navajo Prep, among others commit to an institution of their choice.

Curley impressed scouts so much at St. Augustine University in Raleigh, N.C....

A positive focus

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Dear friends, The results are final. So many people thanked me for running, for standing up, for making a unified voice heard and I want to take a moment to say thank you, too, for supporting my campaign for New Mexico Senate.

In my perspective, a title, a win, or a loss do not define leadership but rather actions. Throughout this campaign, and even though I did not win the primary, I have remained true to my goals of improvement, as a leader. In hindsight, I cannot focus on one loss when I gained so much in this six-month campaign. With a positive focus I successfully:

·    Broke social barriers

·    Brought people together

·    Changed negative perspectives on...

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