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Reducing domestic violence

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What it really takes

What causes violence? Why has stopping it proven so challenging?

There are undoubtedly multiple causes of domestic violence, but the most important question isn’t what causes violence. It’s how to prevent it.

Proven solutions

A community that does not tolerate domestic violence.

In places where...

Letter to the Editor: Trump should lead by example

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On Jan. 3 President Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Qassem Soleimani in a U.S. drone strike that killed him in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Although it is the U.S. Congress that has the war-making powers, Congress and the American people were the last to know until it became too apparent through media coverage.

This unilateral action was not the first controversial act by Trump given that he pulled out [of] the Iran Nuclear Deal that was negotiated by former President Barack Obama and a group of world powers known as the P5+1: the U.S., U. K., France, China, Germany and Russia. Prior to the pull out, Iran’s alleged efforts to develop a nuclear weapon were not...

Madame G guide to the stars Week of JANUARY 20

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Enjoy a New Moon on Jan. 24 as you contemplate the beginning of any new projects. Channel the spirit of Aquarius as you envision a new purpose that rings of vision. Look toward the future and dare to imagine it as improved. Madame G encourages you to share your talents with others as you live your best life. Don’t be afraid to be a beacon of light in this world. Good luck!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Your challenge is learning the difference between articulating your feelings and over-sharing. It’s a tactic in negotiations to overwhelm the competition with information, but this tactic usually works only once. Do not make rash decisions at this time.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Work has...

Op-Ed: Response to LFC budget recommendation

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On the topic of the budget recommendation released Jan. 7 by the Legislative Finance Committee, James Jimenez, executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, issued the following statement regarding the budget recommendation released Jan. 7 by the Legislative Finance Committee:

“Once again, some in the Legislature want to continue this slow-drip process for funding early childhood care and education services. Unfortunately, the Legislative Finance Committee budget recommendation is far below the investments needed in the programs that matter most to New Mexico kids and families and far below the responsible recommendations made by Governor Lujan Grisham.

“Despite knowing...

It’s 2020 and we’re still here for now

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Welcome to the New Year 2020. The End of the World has not arrived (yet) but given the current events that bombard us daily, I would expect the Breaking News on the Top Fold Front Page, on Facebook and burning up on Twitter by Donald Trump himself. After he declared himself to be “The Chosen One” and the “King of Israel”, I could only remember the Bible studies on the Book of Revelation and the prophesied Apocalypse.

The world-wide pattern is not an American crisis although there is a serious need to examine our society as we absorb the terror inflicted on our nation amid the finger-pointing and Blame Game that surrounds the upcoming election year 2020. Especially since...

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