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Raulson Livingston

Dec. 10, 10:37 p.m.

Aggravated DWI


An Arizona man was pulled over on Dec. 10 for driving over 70 miles per hour, well over the speed limit, according to deputies.

Raulson Livingston, 25, of Chinle, Ariz., told a deputy he was going to Walmart just after getting off work, but the officer noticed the man had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Livingston could not keep upright when he was asked to get out of the vehicle and also dropped his wallet.

Livingston told the deputy he had perhaps 12 to 14 ounces of Coors Light. The officer asked him to perform a variety of field sobriety tests.

At around 10:51 p.m., Livingston was arrested. Even though he did not initially consent to a breath sample, he did later at the Gallup Police Department, where he posted .22, .21. He was transported to GIMC before being booked at McKinley Adult Detention Center, where he was charged with aggravated DWI, speeding and registration to be exhibited on demand.

Nathan Lloyd Yazzie

Dec. 10, 7:46 p.m.

Aggravated DWI


On Dec. 10, Deputy Terence Willie met up with a New Mexico couple driving in a red Chevy pick up truck after it was reported by the passenger, a female, that there was a domestic violence dispute between her and boyfriend Nathan Yazzie, 32, of Mentmore.

Willie learned that the truck belonged to the woman, Heather Muggins, who earlier reported to dispatch that Yazzie had a knife and she didn’t know where she was going. But once stopped, Muggins told Willie, “We’re fine.” Willie told Muggins to wait while he searched Yazzie.

When asked, Yazzie told Willie he had been driving from Farmington to a motel after drinking  six miniature shots of Fireball.

Yazzie performed several field sobriety tests and failed, at which point Willie informed him he was placing him under arrest.

Yazzie posted test samples of .32,.28,.28 at the Gallup Police Department before being transported to the McKinley County Adult Detention Center. He was booked on charges of aggravated driving while intoxicated, being in possession of an open container of alcohol in the truck, and driving without a license.

Willie concluded his report by saying there were no injuries in the incident and there was no domestic violence dispute, according to Yazzie and Muggins. The knife was not used and was kept by police. Muggins’ truck was later returned to her.