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Voting to become easier

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McKinley County adds more Voter Convenience Centers

The McKinley County Bureau of Elections has added three more Voter Convenience Centers in the Gallup, Red Rock, Thoreau and Crownpoint areas for federal, state and county elections.

Urban voting precinct locations have now been replaced with Voter Convenience Centers.

The following precinct numbers will now have new polling places.

Precinct #: Precinct/Polling Place Precinct #: Precinct/Polling Place

9 Crownpoint Elementary School

10  Crownpoint Middle School

50 Red Rock Chapter House (North)

54 Red Rock Chapter House (South)

16 Thoreau Middle School

17 Thoreau Elementary School

55 Rehoboth Mission (Gymnasium)

58 McKinley West Fire Station

Voters can cast their ballots at any one of the following locations on election day.  These Voter Convenience Centers replace nine traditional election day precinct locations and consolidate them.

Voter Convenience Centers will be open from 7 am to 7 pm on the regular local Election Day Nov. 5:

1 Gallup Southside Fire Station

2 Gallup Northside Fire Station

3 Gallup Eastside Fire Station

4 Gallup Westside Fire Station

5 McKinley County Courthouse Rotunda

6 Rio West Mall

7 UNM-Gallup Gymnasium

8 Larry Brian Mitchell Recreation Ctr.

9 Zuni Tribal Office

10 Blackrock Fire Station

11 Red Rock Chapter House (New VCC)

12 Thoreau Fire Station (New VCC)

13 Crownpoint Election Office (New VCC)

These centers do NOT affect the remaining 28 traditional rural precinct voting locations.

Election Day Voting in the rural precincts will continue normally. However, voters registered in the rural precincts may still vote at any Voter Convenience Center AND will be required to vote with the use of a provisional ballot.

The McKinley County Bureau of Elections will still provide Absentee ballots upon request and early voting Tuesdays through Saturdays at the McKinley County Courthouse – beginning Oct. 8 through Nov. 2 at 5 pm.

Alternate Voting Begins Saturday, Oct. 19at:

1) Thoreau Fire Station                             #65 First Avenue, Thoreau NM

2) Zuni Tribal Office                                   1203 B, State HWY 53, Zuni NM

3) Navajo Election Office                         (Old Public Safety Office) Crownpoint NM

4) Twin Lakes Chapter House                  Mile Marker 13, HWY 491 Twin Lakes NM

For more information: (505) 722-4460; (800) 245-1771