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Miles Darris Bitsoi

9:33 pm, 08.13.17

Agg. DWI, 2nd

Unfortunately for Bitsoi, the main witness to his accident in Gamerco happened to be an off-duty Gallup Police Officer Dominic Molina, who gave a statement to MCSO Deputy Brandon Salazar that he observed Bitsoi getting out of the driver’s door and that no one else had been with him. His feeble attempt to blame the accident on his “non-present” girlfriend and his further attempts at the field sobriety test both failed. After a short go-round with the breathalyzer in the Sheriff’s Office, where he blew a 0.22 and a 0.21, Bitsoi was booked into the MCADC and his vehicle was towed by Speedway Towing.

Shynelle Ann Chavez

5:25 pm, 08.12.17

DWI, 1st Offense

Chavez, 21, was driving recklessly on State Highway 371 but ran afoul of the law when MCSO Deputy Brandon Salazar pulled her over. Chavez had bloodshot, watery eyes and seemed nervous but agreed to a field sobriety test. Needless to say, she failed.

The owner of the vehicle came to pick up the car, as well as the two passengers. Chavez was transported to the Sherfif’s Office and administered the breathalyzer, which posted results of 0.13 and 0.14. She was then booked into MCADC.

Marty Johnson

7:08 pm, 08.10.17

DWI, 4th Offense

Dispatched to Twin Buttes Road, Deputy J. Bowman noticed a truck in the ditch with the driver attempting to drove out by accelerating, which only caused a plume of white smoke.

Johnson initially agreed to a field sobriety test but then got stubborn and refused. At the Sheriff’s Office he also refused the breathalyzer so was transported to Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital to have his blood drawn. Johnson was then driven back to the MCADC and booked.

Valencia Tsosie

6:50 pm, 08.09.17

Agg DWI, 3rd Offense

While working the DWI Task Force, Chief Investigator Merle Bates noticed a vehicle traveling on the shoulder of the roadway at about the 4.1 mm before merging into the right lane. He also saw the vehicle weave back and forth in the lane and finally drive over the center dividing line. At about the 5.6 mm, the vehicle came to a stop when Bates “lit her up.”

When asked by Bates how much alcohol she had consumer, Tsosie replied, “plenty.” Bates decided against the standard field sobriety test because of her obvious condition. Her passenger was also the owner of the car, Michael Lee James, and he was transported to Gallup Detox.

The breath sample taken at the Sheriff’s Office showed levels of 0.28 and 0.27. She was booked into MCADC.

Keith R. Yazzie

11:21 pm, 08.04.17

Agg DWI, 2nd Offense

Gallup Police Department Officer Norman Bowman wasn’t surprised when Yazzie refused to take a field sobriety test, but then he agreed to a roadside breath test, where he blew a 0.19. Bowman had been assisting Sgt. Holly and Officer Collins also assisted on the scene.

Yazzie provided several phone numbers to call family members to pick up his truck. He was then transported to MCADC and booked.

Lane Begay

3:33 am, 07.29.17


Dispatched to the scene of an accident at the intersection of Logan and Ford, GPD Officer Andrew Thayer found the subject car tangled up with a bush that refused to let go. The driver was standing by and attempted to complete a field sobriety test, but could not follow instructions.

Transported to the State Police for a breath test, Begay blew a 0.15 the first time and 20 minutes later, another 0.15. He was then driven to the MCADC and booked.

Joseph Ross Wilson

1:26 am, 05.17.17

DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Francis Collins conducted a traffic stop because the vehicle was not using his headlights. After identifying Wilson, Collins asked if he would submit to a field sobriety test. The results were not so good.

Collins then transported Wilson to RMCH where the staff completed and sealed a blood kit for use in further litigation, if necessary. Wilson was then booked into MCADC and the blood kit was logged into evidence.