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Police Activity Report

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MCSO, GPD stay busy during Ceremonial

The previous week was busier than usual as both local law enforcement agencies kept on the go for the entire week. The following is a list of that activity.

MCSO Warrants: Parnell Begay, Cassandra Diaz, Kelvin Duluc-Molina, Isidro Ensinias (also charged with Evading an Officer but common sense over ruled his flight when threatened with a K-9), LaVonda Johnson, Joseph Lovato (Felony Warrant), Richard Platero, and Kelander Yazzie (from San Juan jail).

GPD Warrants: Kaylee Begaye (Parole/Probation), Joe Burbank (Magistrate Court), Lariame Charley (Magistrate Court), Brenda Lou Hosteen (Already in custody on an unrelated matter), Rigina T. John (District Court and Trespassing), Richard H. Johns (Magistrate Court), Anthony David Lee (Magistrate Court), Marland Robert Lee (Failure to pay fines-2), Julian Martinez (Out of County), Richard Martinez, Jr. (Municipal Court and Out of County), Michelle R. Saucedo (Muniipal Court), Camille Teller (Already in custody on an unrelated matter), Sharon Tolino (Municipal Court), and Derrick Woodie (Magistrate Court-2).

Other Reports and miscellaneous: MCSO busted Edwin Galiz when stopped for speeding on I-40. Suspicious activity led Deputy Johnson Lee to call out K-9 Max, who alerted to the driver’s side door and the trunk, where drugs were found. Max is a 2 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois who has completed 280 plus hours of training with Deputy Lee and is certified through the California Narcotic Canine Association.

Gamerco had a flurry of activity during the week, including a suicide, a case of animal cruelty, another of harassment, and a teenager allegedly stole a box of goodies from his mother that contained cash and drugs that he doled out to several neighbors.

The largest theft of merchandise occurred on Deer Ridge Road when the owners called in an unlicensed crew to repair their water heater. It is suspected that while the workers were inside the unoccupied house they also helped themselves to two TVs, and gaming equipment worth approximately $3,500. It is not known how much they were charged for the repair to their hot water heater.

Other disputes investigated by MCSO were civil in nature, involving possible fraud and a separate one of custody of minor children. GPD wrote a report on battery on a household member, but Officer Adrian Quetawki ignored that charge when he discovered a warrant from Bernalillo County in his name. The lady was taken to Gallup Detox.

The criminal highlight of the week for MCSO were the three charges related to stolen vehicles.

The first incident occurred August 14 when a representative of Native Care Medical Transport notified the MCSO that one of their vehicles had been stolen Aug. 12, and they had been able to locate with the help of GPS in Gamerco. When Deputy J. Todachine, Jr. did not see the subject vehicle at the first address, the company representative gave him another address to check.

As the deputy was driving to that address, the stolen vehicle passed him going in the opposite direction. After a short tour that ended at the Navajo Shopping Center, the vehicle came to a stop and the driver, Nery Alejandro Amador Contreras was arrested. His three passengers were questioned and released.

On Aug. 8, MCSO Deputy Christopher Rangel observed a vehicle driving recklessly near Jay Street and began to follow and saw a vehicle that had driven over the curb, flattening both tires on the right side. Rangel noticed several occupants in the vehicle, all of whom fled when the accident happened.

Exiting his patrol unit, Rangel gave chase on foot and caught one suspect, identified as Casey Bowie of Albuquerque. After placing him in handcuffs, Rangel saw another person at the driver’s side of the wreck. That suspect ran away, carrying several backpacks but escaped in the early morning darkness, dropping one of the backpacks. When questioned, Casey proved too intoxicated to answer questions, but was able to name Terrell Jim as the driver. A check through Metro showed the vehicle had been stolen.

On August 6, McKinley Metro dispatched units to Sunset Valley on a report by Isabella Joe, who had reported her vehicle stolen earlier that morning. There was minor damage, repaired on site, and the vehicle was returned to the registered owner. Joe did state that the thief had removed $300 from a wallet left in the vehicle.

In a final incident involving a stolen vehicle, a warrant was issued for Chad Gonzales on Aug. 10 by the Magistrate Court. Gonzales admitted to stealing the vehicle that was parked but running. The affidavit was signed by GPD Detective Chavo Chischilly and Gonzales was placed in custody at the MCDC.

By Tom Hartsock
Sun Correspondent